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 As co-ops, we are more than grocery stores. We believe our long-term commitment to buying local foods reflects who we are as co-ops – it’s how we buy, how we serve local communities and support sustainable farming. It’s also one of the best ways we know how to get the freshest food from the local farm to your dinner table.

We partner with small local farmers and farming cooperatives that specialize in foods produced using sustainable farming techniques. Sustainable farming often means that food is grown with care for the environment, treating livestock humanely, and providing safe working conditions for farmers and a fair price for their products. Local food production of these types is another way to keep small farms going – even flourishing. They keep jobs and dollars in the local economy and use less fossil fuels to bring their product to market.

Learn more about our partnerships with our local farmers who bring great tasting and fresh foods to your community co-ops.

Savor the Season

Fresh fruits and vegetables taste their best when in-season. This guide will help you choose the best tasting produce possible. We list produce that comes from all over the country and some imported items as well, but we prefer to tout our local offerings!

Note that produce varies by store. Contact your local co-op if you seek a specific item.

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